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Endotrac™ – Endoscopic Plantar Fasciotomy (EPF)

Instratek pioneered the EPF technique in 1992 to treat one of the most common pathologic foot disorders, plantar fasciosis.  The plantar fascia release system is a minimally invasive surgical technique providing patients a significantly reduced recovery time when compared with traditional open surgical techniques for chronic plantar fasciosis (fasciitis).  Our patented bi-portal system allows precise placement of the cannula inferior to the surface of the plantar fascia.   Our endoscopic plantar fasciotomy technique specific instrumentation provides versatility and clear endoscopic visualization of the plantar fascia with intra cannula guide markings allowing the surgeon to execute a precise medial 1/3 fascia band division.


EPF Documentation

pdf of Endotrac EPF System Download Endotrac™ EPF PDF

Endotrac™ EPF Video - Watch Endotrac™ EPF Procedure Informational Video

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